A once in a lifetime experience deserves a lasting keepsake ...

Clay Flowers and Blossoms are perfect for:

• Wedding Flowers
• Hair Flowers/Fascinators
• Bouquets
• Boutonnieres
• Cake Toppers
• Table Centerpieces
• Favour Boxes

A trend in wedding floral design has been gaining popularity in recent years - CLAY FLOWERS! This air-dry, lightweight clay emulates the lifelikeness of fresh flowers, but last a lot longer than fresh flowers. Almost any blossom and any colour is possible with this lightweight air-dry clay! Because they are so lightweight and realistic, clay flowers are a great alternative to real flowers...especially if anyone in your wedding party has allergies or sensitivities to scents!

These “Eco-Chic" flowers can be enjoyed after the wedding for years as part of your floral decor, used in a keepsake shadow box or displayed in your home. Because this unique clay dries over-night, it is not baked or fired by heat making the process environmentally friendly.

Clay flower bouquets can look as vibrant as the day you say "I do" for many years to come. ClayCraft by DECO can be tinted to match the colour palette of your wedding and almost any flower imaginable can be created to make your day…perfect!

The clay blossoms and arrangements are never “out of season” and priced to be competitive to what you would pay for fresh flowers from a good quality, why not choose clay flowers and enjoy these eco-chic, fashionable blossoms and arrangements for years to come?

What if you are planning to use real flowers? If your mind is set on having a fresh bouquet or arrangement, it can be duplicated as a replica/keepsake in clay! This will provide you with an heirloom that will look much better than a preserved piece, last longer and it will be less expensive than traditional preservation!


Flowers make your wedding day uniquely your own...highlighting the day, the venue and, most importantly, the celebration of your union. Take your flowers with you to the destination, so you are not unpleasantly surprised by what the far-away resort florist selects for your big day.

Contact to create custom wedding bouquets for you and your bridal party! Clay flowers can ship world-wide.